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Shewhart Cycle: How It Fits Your Contingent Workforce Solutions Part 2

Posted by Samantha Miles

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9/29/14 6:30 PM

Welcome back to our Shewhart Cycle segment and how it can fit into your contingent workforce solutions. If you have not read our first part, you may find it hereThe Shewhart Cycle is an important philosophy for companies looking to take the best actions towards improving operations and completing goals in a more efficient manner. If you would like to ensure the approach to your contingent workforce fits well with your business, the Shewhart approach to processes can be very helpful.

How The Shewhart Cycle Applies To Contingent Workers

  • Plan: in this part of the Shewhart or PDCA cycle, a company can take a comprehensive inventory of its staffing needs to determine how large of a contingent workforce they need and what type of goals they have for these workers. The planning stage sets the tone for your entire approach to building your contingent workforce
  • Do: here, companies take action by hiring contingent workers and applying their planned philosophies to the way that the company hires and onboards its contingent workers
  • Check: in this part of the cycle, businesses find out how closely aligned the performance of their contingent workforce is with the company's goals and targets. This gives the organization valuable information that can assist in recalibrating company targets
  • Act: the act phase can be one of the most important elements of the Shewhart cycle when it comes to contingent workers. This is a portion of the cycle where changes are made to the contingent hiring or retention policies that a company uses to maximize the efficiency of its contingent workers

By successfully leveraging the PDCA cycle in efforts to hire contingent labor, businesses can consistently improve their ability to be flexible and respond to changes in the market by bringing temporary workers onboard.

The Role Of A Skilled Workforce Management Agency

In many cases, a workforce management agency will be able to assist a company that wants to improve its contingent workforce because of the agency’s high level of experience with contingent workers. This kind of workforce management agency knows what it takes to create a process for hiring contingent workers, and has the skills required to help their clients tweak these processes as necessary.

Successful workforce management agencies have a very detailed approach to contingent worker processes that can be altered based on the needs of their clients. Some even use the Shewhart cycle to improve their own internal operations, which can make a huge difference in how well the company sustains itself. Whether you are experienced with it or not, the PDCA method is one of the best ways to ensure that your contingent workforce is successfully being recruited, onboarded, and retained. Take the time to work with the right workforce management comapny and you can get even more results from the incorporation of the Shewhart cycle into your plan for your contingent workforce.

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