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Shewhart Cycle: How It Fits Your Contingent Workforce Solutions Part 1

Posted by Samantha Miles

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9/23/14 6:30 AM

The Shewhart Cycle is one of the most important philosophies for those companies that are looking to take continuous steps towards improving their operation and completing their goals in a more efficient manner. If you are interested in making sure that your approach to your contingent workforce fits well with your business, the Shewhart approach to processes can be very helpful.

How The Shewhart Cycle Applies To Contingent Workers

One of the main benefits of the Shewhart Cycle is how flexible it is when it comes to application. Professionals can apply this cycle to almost any area of business, including staffing. The four components of the Shewhart Cycle can easily be applied to contingent workforce solutions:

  • Plan: in this part of the Shewhart or PDCA cycle, a company can take a comprehensive inventory of its staffing needs to determine how large of a contingent workforce they need and what type of goals they have for these workers. The planning stage sets the tone for your entire approach to building your contingent workforce
  • Do: here, companies take action by hiring contingent workers and applying their planned philosophies to the way that the company hires and onboards its contingent workers

Next week we will conculde how the Shewhart Cycle applies to contingent workers and what role a skilled workforce management agency plays in it. If you would like to leanr more about the Shewhart Cycle, read our blog article that dives into the basics behind the method

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