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How To Eliminate Contingent Worker Turnover

Posted by Louis Flory

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10/23/14 2:09 PM

As is the case with all kinds of turnover, contingent worker turnover can be highly detrimental to the success of an organization. For companies that are considering how to eliminate contingent worker turnover, there are a few things that can be done to reduce the frequency with which contingency worker turnover occurs.

Create Strong Training Programs

A strong training program will not only help your contingent workforce do their job more effectively, it will also create a stronger bond between them and your organization. Training can help build loyalty and buy-in to company culture, two aspects that are important to reducing contingent workforce turnover.

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Make Expectations Clear

Before you ever agree to bring on any contingent workers at all, there should be clear guidelines in place about what they are expected to do for your organization and the results that they are expected to produce. Getting incoming contingent workers to read the outlines of the expectations is an excellent idea. Always keep in mind that expectations go both ways; if you are wondering how to eliminate contingent worker turnover, first make sure that your organization is holding up its end of the bargain when it comes to the outlines and expectations provided.

Ongoing Safety Lessons and Refreshers

Not only will safety lessons help everyone at your company stay safe and improve their abilities whether they are contingent workers or not, they will also help your contingent workers feel that their organization cares about them. This is very important for increasing the morale of your contingent workforce, which has a huge impact on your turnover rates.

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Consistent Communication

Communication is the key to any relationship, including the one between contingent workers and their supervisors. If you have any issues involving your contingent workforce that you want to address, be upfront and honest with them about it, and make sure that they can likewise come to you with any questions or concerns they have about what they do for your organization. Without adequate communication, contingent turnover at your organization will happen more often.

Proper Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are very crucial to reducing contingent worker turnover, but they also need to be executed properly in order for them to have their desired impact. For example, Josh Bersin, CEO of HR research company Bersin by Deloitte, writes that one of the keys to success with modern-day performance reviews is to create a “feedback-rich” workplace environment where all employees are able to give each other feedback and discuss feedback with their colleagues and superiors on a day-to-day basis. By doing this, you will help contingent workers know where they stand and make sure that they can quickly address any problems with their performance.

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Workforce Management Program

While it may not be possible to completely remove turnover in your contingent workforce, there are many things that you can do to limit this turnover from taking place. By following these five steps and taking a more proactive approach to guiding and supervising your contingent workforce, you can help reduce the likelihood of turnover to create a more consistent, fluidly-operating organization.

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