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4 Workforce Staffing Services You MUST Have

Posted by Louis Flory

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9/5/14 8:42 AM

Staffing is a serious challenge for companies in all kinds of industries. Businesses that are looking to improve their staffing situation will often retain help from workforce staffing services. These organizations provide some key services that can help your company overcome several of the most critical staffing challenges.

An Innovative Recruiting Strategy                                        

Since workforce staffing companies specialize in helping connect organizations with people who would be a good fit for their talents, one of the best workforce staffing services that staffing companies can provide their clients with is an innovative approach to recruiting. The best recruiting programs are the ones that are focused on high quality workers and encourage these kinds of employees to bring others with a similar attitude to the organization.

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A Dedicated Training Program

Training is one of the most important ways to ensure that all of your employees are doing what needs to be done, especially when it comes to the manufacturing field. Training programs that are offered by staffing companies are usually very well made and created with some important end goals in mind. These programs will get new workers up to speed more quickly and help your company weed out those workers who may not be a good match for the company.

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A Strong Retention Program

Keeping your employees is especially important in the current economic climate where productivity must be as high as possible at all times for businesses to meet the demand for what they offer. The Center for American Progress reports that for workers who make lower than $50,000 every year, a group that includes 75% of U.S. employees, it costs 20% of the worker’s annual salary to replace them. A retention program is a staffing service that must be in place to hold on to the best employees and reduce turnover rate. When executed properly, retention programs will also improve staff satisfaction levels, which have a strong impact on the overall success of the organization.

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A Smart Attendance System

Keeping attendance high is one of the most critical workforce staffing services for businesses in manufacturing that need to have a certain number of people working on a particular process to meet production targets. When you are implementing an attendance program, be sure to work with your staffing company and talk to them about ways that you can properly recognize good attendance. Recognizing employees with a good attendance record will allow you to promote this kind of behavior throughout your organization and show your workers that you value their efforts to always be present to complete their job.

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These four workforce staffing services will help you create a well-rounded workforce that is filled with quality workers that perform at a high level and stay at your organization for a long time. If you are going to outsource these workforce staffing services, be certain that you look for a staffing company with a strong history in the field and experience working with clients to help them improve their staffing and meet their production or revenue goals.

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