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Can Incentive Recruiting Programs Bring High Quality Contingent Workers?

Posted by Louis Flory

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10/27/14 6:30 AM

Incentive programs are used by many organizations to help drive up performance levels and reward employees for their hard work towards helping the company get better. In a recruiting context, many companies may be wondering whether or not incentive programs can help their organization attract the best and brightest contingent workers. For several reasons, the answer to this question is a resounding “yes.”

Recommendations Speak Volumes About The Recommender

When someone makes a recommendation for anything, whether it be a candidate for a job or simply a new restaurant to try, their credibility is immediately associated with the person or thing they have recommended. For example: if someone recommended to you a place to eat and you discovered that it was subpar, not only would you not go back to that place, you probably would not trust that person to give you recommendations on anything in the future. The same principle applies to contingent workers; if an employee recommends a contingent worker, both of their reputations will be on the line.

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Incentive Programs Empower Employees

When you provide incentive programs that reward your current employees for bringing in new hires, it gives them a sense of pride and loyalty to your company. Allowing your team members to be involved in the process of choosing new employees makes them ambassadors for your brand, which encourages them to very carefully consider the people they recommend for your organization.

Employee Recommendations Save Resources

Think about how much time and energy your recruiting managers would have to spend identifying, qualifying, and interviewing candidates for a position at your company. When you establish incentive programs, you can cut down on some of this work, since it is spread around the whole organization. Of course, your recruiting managers will still have to finalize the decision and interview the prospective candidate, but incentive programs can often help eliminate one of the hardest parts of recruiting: finding the right candidates.

Recruiting Incentive Programs Improve Morale

Who doesn’t want to work with people they already know? A person will always respond better to a workplace environment that has people they are already familiar with, compared to an unfamiliar workplace filled with strangers. Allowing employees to work with people they know can help make them happier to go to work each day.


Now that you know why incentive recruiting is such a sensible approach to finding new employees, you should be sure that you take advantage of it whenever possible. Our incentive recruiting programs will help you tap into the network of talent that skilled employees are a part of, reducing the resources that your business will have to expend on finding new people that align with the mission of your organization.

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