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4 Secrets to Finding the Best Workforce Staffing Solutions

Posted by Louis Flory

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8/6/15 6:30 AM

In order to manage your workforce effectively and efficiently, you must invest in the right tools to handle the necessary tasks. For many companies, there are initiatives related to talent recruitment and retention of existing staff, which are both tied closely to employee satisfaction. At the same time, certain industries must properly respond to manpower demands on a cyclical or seasonal basis, often with the use of contingent workers. Therefore, business owners must wisely consider their options for workforce staffing solutions. Here are some pointers on finding the right fit.

1. Learn from your successes and your failures

If you’ve had the opportunity to employ the services of workforce staffing solutions in the past, it’s important to carefully assess your experiences. Ask yourself whether the positions filled by the agency were in alignment with your expectations, and if you could have done a better job on your end. Perhaps a more accurately worded, detailed description of your needs could have produced a better result.

There were probably successes in using workforce staffing agencies as well, so keep these factors in mind as you’re looking for a solution. Professionalism, flexibility and support are critical.

2. Keep current on all the latest trends in workforce recruiting and retention

It’s certainly important to stay on top of the developments in your industry, but you should also educate yourself on workforce trends as well. For 2015, you should know that millennials are being found in leadership positions, while Gen Yers (those born from 1994 through early 2000’s) are more likely to be hired for internships. An important trend for manufacturing companies is that the gap between skilled and unskilled labor is becoming significant. These considerations will impact your search for a workforce staffing solution. 

3. Carefully assess your needs, wish list and demographics

You’re setting yourself up for failure if you’re not specific in analyzing what you’re looking for from a workforce staffing solution. These factors depend largely upon your industry and how your staffing demands fluctuate; of course, you must also consider the needs of your company. One exercise to help with this step is to look at what you’d like to see if you brought an entire staffing department in house. Assess your expectations for this hypothetical division and determine its role within your company, then apply these criteria to your search for a staffing agency.

4. Partner with a workforce staffing solution provider that can help you succeed

Not all agencies are created equal and it’s up to you to decide which one is focused on your success. For many businesses in specialized areas, this might mean choosing a workforce staffing solution that concentrates on a particular industry. Manufacturing staffing is quite different from finding candidates to fill accounting positions and healthcare workers. Yet, there are many solutions that offer services for a broad range of professions. Depending on your circumstances, it may be smart to go with a provider that focuses on the needs of your specific industry: Depth over breadth. 

Choosing the best workforce staffing solutions certainly involves challenges, but these obstacles are quickly overcome when you have some guidelines. Your primary objective should be to keep your business goals in mind as you’re working to find a solid partner. Every company is unique, but the right workforce staffing solution is out there for business owners that do their homework.

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