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Workforce Management Blog

How a Workforce Staffing Agency Can Improve The Onboarding Experience

Posted by Louis Flory

8/28/14 12:17 AM

Onboarding is a crucial part of the hiring process that is sometimes neglected by companies that need to grow their ranks.

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Topics: Contingent Workforce Management, Production, Reducing Turnover, Contingent employee development

3 Indicators Conflict Is Residing At Your Facility

Posted by Louis Flory

4/20/14 7:55 AM

If you manage a business of any size, you probably notice some conflict between your employees from time to time. Many managers simply accept that workplace conflict cannot be avoided, but is conflict really normal? 

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Topics: Contingent Workforce Management, Human Resources, Reducing Turnover

HR's Cheat Sheet To Reducing Employee Turnover

Posted by Samantha Miles

3/10/14 5:06 PM

Every business has certain issues that they must deal with; one issue that is common to all businesses is employee turnover.  There are significant costs related to employee turnover.  Interviewing, selection and training of new employees requires a significant investment of resources.  In addition, your business suffers lost productivity until these employees can be replaced.  Consistent high turnover also leads to reduced morale for the employees who are left.  There are two types of employee turnover, involuntary and voluntary.  Involuntary turnover is also called attrition. 

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Topics: Contingent Workforce Management, Reducing Turnover